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Just an update on the PLUS. My car has clock about 19000 km on it. And the dip stick is still as red as ever!!! Fantastic man. Engine running really well. Cheers David!! Read more
Don Douratram
Airline Pilots Association
"Oil temp also very stable at 88 - 90 deg throughout whole journey even whacking to 180km/h many times (did shoot up to ard 96 deg but drop back to 90 pretty fast) and non stop travelling for almost 3 hrs each way with atmospheric temp @ ard 35 deg. ..." Read more

R Series Forum

"Besides willing to rev till red, it also maintain its temp very well. I only discovered this during my last PG tracking session on this. The reading I saw for my first 3 laps and the end of my total 12 laps, the reading is the same and maintain very well at certain point...." Read more

R Series Forum

"Roar have better response and more power when acceleration as compared to initially when i changed to KIC. ..." Read more

"The engine is much smoother in transmission which I can safely say, the roar of the high rev is no longer RAW, but a very nice low rumbling, power is there no doubt...." Read more

R Series Forum

Improve Throttle...still on 1st tank of fuel, will wait to see if FC improves(think should improve cos now need less throttle input) Read more
M7 Sport Forum
I did the change, engine now very quiet and pick up faster compared to oil PI provided. Read more
Your RS oil is really amazing! I have test drove Streamer73's car before and after the oil change. It is really amazing how this oil can up the performance of an old engine. Read more
SSOG Forum
To my surprise is that my FC improves a lot, is at least 30km for the first time. My ride always empty when hits 350km - 360km but now the light came up only when it reaches 390km, pretty close to the 400 mark now and I'm sure it will hit on to the 400 mark soon, cause for the low end is now so powerful so it is so easy to roll despites to my car weights 1.5 ton. Read more
SSOG Forum
I m extremely happy & consider the roar oil & sprint booster to be a great combination = faster acceleration with great sound. Read more
SSOG Forum
My initial drive with the new Roar RS in my ride was very surprising. Very quite engine start-up, very smooth transmission, very quick pickup. Yes, the most significant difference betwen the Roar RS & the Texas Titanium Plus is the PICK-UP & POWER. Read more
SSOG Forum
Besides the smoother gear change, most significant difference was the extra 'power' when driving in auto. When I floor the accelerator, I can feel the G force, RPM went to 6000 quickly, but I've to let go now having reached 120 km/h. Read more
Airline Pilots Association
Smoother gear change but i'm impressed by the extra pick up you get when you floor the accelerator...immediate response. Read more
Airline Pilots Association
I hardly hear the engine noise anymore, just the sweet purring of the exhaust way back behind me. What the heck, I might just keep her for another 3 after all. Read more
Airline Pilots Association
Finally change the oil, can feel got power increase.... Read more
Vios Owner Group
Is very big different after I change this oil. My engine is more quiet & more powerful when go up slop... Read more
So u can see it easily out performs others in the oil change intervals saving a fair bit. Read more
SSOG Forum







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